About us

Vita Group was founded 60 years ago as British Vita and now acts as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide spectrum of PU foams applied in the manufacturing process of furniture, mattresses, transport, construction and packaging.

The production of PU foam cutting in Slavonski Brod was established in 2009 and successfully follows the production of mattresses and furniture as well as technical foams in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EU market.

We are proud of our role in these industries, enabling us to offer a wide range of products and cutting capabilities. Our goal is to be the best in the market, and to do so, we strive to offer customers a product that they want, when they want, with the right quality and price!


Naziv: Vitafoam Magyarorszag KFT
Skraćeni naziv: Vitafoam KFT Paks, podružnica Slavonski brod 
Sjedište: 7030 Paks, Mađarska 
OIB: 31407008864 
Mjesto upisa u trgovački sud i broj upisa: Trgovački sud u Osijeku, stalna služba Slavonski Brod
IBAN i naziv poslovne banake: HR1224840081105059926, RBA 
Temeljni kapital: 2.319.530.000 forinta 
Članovi uprave: Tomasz Roland Stachura 
Br. Tel. + 385 35409447 
e-mail: vfcsales@vitahungary.hu 
Web: http://www.vitafoamcroatia.hr/