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ADORMO mattresses are made for comfortable rest and enjoyable dreams!

With wide offer of different hardness and bearing capacity materials, everyone can find a model for themselves!

ADORMO wishes you pleasant dreams!

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ADORMO mattresses

ADORMO mattresses are made of various types of flexible polyurethane (PU) foam, open cell structure.

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ADORMO toppers are made of memory foam. Memory foam  provides relief to people who are looking for relaxation after a hard day, relieves the pain and sleeping difficulties, including excessive over-turning during sleep, and thus provides a better rest for our body.

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ADORMO pillows are made in various shapes and sizes. We are able to develop them according to personal and individual orders. Pillows can be shaped according to user drawings and requirements. Cast memory foam pillows are perforated to be more airy. 
Anatomic memory pillows are profiled and allow for a proper sleeping position and a better rest!

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