ADORMO mattresses are made of various types of flexible polyurethane (PU) foam, open cell structure.

  • Standard PU foam-base material for making mattresses of different density and  hardness

  • high elastic foam (HR) high-quality foam, elastic, comfortable, airy

  • memory foam (VA) - * smart foam * shaped according  to your body, comfortable, efficient body weight distribution, avoids burdening the spine

mattress SMART

The SMART mattress is a medium hard mattress with a high-quality PU foam core, profiled into 7 anatomic zones at both sides, allowing for additional adjustment to the body anatomy. The mattress core is resistant to pressure and deformation, it is extremely flexible, elastic and breathable, providing maximum comfort during use.

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mattress BEST

The BEST mattress is a medium hard mattress with a high-quality PU foam core made of polyurethane base, mutually wavily contoured in 7 anatomic zones, allowing for additional body anatomy adjustment and increased ventilation by channels on the upper and lower side of the mattress.

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mattress ALEGRO

ALEGRO is a reasonably hard mattress with a high-quality elastic foam core, profiled on both sides in 7 anatomic zones, allowing maximum adjustment to body anatomy and increased ventilation of the mattress from the upper and lower side, as well as strength and elasticity.

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mattress MATRIX

The MATRIX Mattress is a medium hard mattress with a combination of high elastic foam and PU foam. The mattress core is made of three parts, and top and bottom sides are both profiled in 7 anatomic zones. In the middle part of the mattress, a layer of anatomically shaped PU foam with reduced hardness is installed to achieve maximum comfort and adjustment to the anatomy of the body.

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mattress LUXURY

LUXURY is a high quality mattress made of a combination of memory foam in the upper part and PU 28kg / m3 foam in the lower bearing part. The lower bearing part of the core is profiled in the middle into 5 anatomic zones. Also, at the part where it is connected to the memory foam, it is further profiled to allow the maximum ventilation through the side channels.

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